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“We can drive it home with one headlight.”

Thankfully we made it home with both headlights and no damage to the car, THIS TIME. I don’t know maybe it is just me, maybe it was the fact that I was driving a rental car, or maybe its just pure paranoia that this car was going to get damaged and I would have to pay. Someway, somewhere, somehow- it was going to happen. Luckily all was well and I happily have my old pal back. And boy am I happy.

But before we had our reunion I did take advantage of the generosity of Hertz and made a quick skip and a hop up to the Queen City- Cinncinnati.

We went to the Newport Aquarium and looked around. I won’t go into much detail. Although, I’m not sure which was more entertaining- the fish or people. I’d probably say the people, after all that’s what we saw the most of at the aquarium. We made a fatal error going on a rainy Saturday and everyone else had the same brilliant idea. So that made for an interesting time. Its a great place to go but I suggest maybe going during the week when there are less people. Oh, you can thank me for the tip later. I’ll leave you with des bad boys.

IMG_2589    IMG_2525     IMG_2588

After that mini hell, (I’m not one for huge crowds in a very limited space) we made a marvelous decision. I mean a MARVELOUS decision: beer.


That’s right folks, we went to one of the best transplants from Munich to ‘Murica: The Hofbrauhaus. Beer, food, and the chicken dance on your chair, all rolled up to make one of the best foodie experiences evahhh. I’ll have a little of that and that and that. Thank you very much.

IMG_2535             IMG_2533

*not pictured, our actually dinner which was devoured almost as quickly as it came. Fat kid status every damn day.

What more can I say? We left with full hearts and cheerful bellies. Should I switch those? Nahhhhh. That’s perfect.

What a Basilica

I had a chance to visit St Lawrence Basilica a few days ago and thought I’d give you a glimpse. I was visiting some friends from college and to start the day off we went to morning mass.


I was very impressed with all the stone work and how they have done such a good job keeping it’s old traditional charm. They have done a particularly nice job with keeping the look of original lighting rather than overpowering the church with modern lighting.

The Basilica has the largest freestanding elliptical basilica in North America. It makes it all more impressive looking up and seeing the dome above you in person.


The side chapel dedicated to Mary was probably my favorite. (Pictured above)

They were having Eucharistic Adoration in the other side chapel so no picture, sorry.

I hope you will get a chance to visit the Basilica of St. Lawrence sometime and if you do say a prayer for me.


Hump Day Views

Words: 0

Ha! That’ll last long. The internet and I had yet another date today. Shocker, I know. Anyway, I just wanted to run over a few quick things I found and love, or need advice on and just random things I know that you’ve probably have know for 5236725541 years.

1) Happy Feast of Our Lady of Fatima!


2) I found a new love story that I adore. You can find that here. Her blog is awesome too. I will definitely add it to the blog roll once I figure that sucker out. Plus she has written her engagement story too- double bonus. You can also find that here.  Dedicate some time to read them both if you haven’t already. I think I read all the ones that are liked up to Graces how we met story. I’m sure you have already too and I’m just late to the scene, but hey- I’m relatively new to the blogging world so one step at a time. Bare with me.

3) I’m thinking about trying this dry shampoo. I’m in the market for something new because the CVS brand just isn’t cutting it anymore. (My apologies, CVS.) It has pretty good reviews and I found it at Walmart for $4.74. So me and my little rental car will make the trek over there to save a few bucks. Like they say “A penny saved is a penny earned.” My mantra in life – I’ll be in the corner until you stop laughing. Thanks.

4) I’m sure you’ve know this F-O-R-E-V-E-R but wiping your nails off with rubbing alcohol before you paint them will make the nail polish last longer. Its the best life hack that I’ve found recentlyish. I know I maybe a little slow to the process but there are others!! I hope. I’m digging this color and have been wearing it non stop, partially because it lasts longer with the alcohol tip. Consider yourself amused.

5) My little rental car and myself have been getting along pretty well, in case you were stressing about it. I’m always thinking of you. Promise. Anyway, we’re a thing now and considering packing a few folks in this little clown car and making a quick road trip to the Cincinnati area. I have one word for that: LESSSGOOOO.

That’s all for now.


Lessons Learned, Lessons Lived

“Patients is a virtue.” No. No, its not. At least not to me. I’ve struggled with it since the first day I heard “happy birthday, Clare!”

God, you listening? My patients is worn thin. You can stop with the opportunities to strengthen the virtue. I think we’ve both determined its not my strong suit.

So that brings us to today. Me, being the sweet and loveable daughter that I always am, was all like “Hey mom, pick some place and we can go to lunch.” Perfect plan. Ten dollar bottomless mimosas? Sayyy whattt? I’m down. Lets go. We get there and had a wonderful lunch. Since I was the chauffer for the day declined the bottomless mimosas. You call me crazy? I call it providence.

Which brings us to this beauty. Wait. WHAT.

car wreck 2015

My car! That I’ve only had a year. A YEAR. So many questions. What, when, why?! Luckily this wonder woman from a restaurant nearby saw a lady in a F-150 back into my car and drive away. You read that right. SHE DROVE AWAY. No note, no number, just a broken car in need of some serious repair and a young woman on the verge of tears. Queue a quick phone call to the po-lice and insurance company and still no answers. Just a special shout out to the sweet soul that told me and the dude that helped pull the rest of the bumper off. Thank you. Thumbs up to y’all.

car wreck 2 2015 IMG_2492

I think God is trying to help me look at the finer things in life. Thanks for the lesson. I hear ya. Thank you lady in the blue truck. You win today. But next time can you be a little bit more considerate and tell a soul what you did? No worries though. We’re cool. Thanks for helping me with my patients and trying to get to heaven.

Shout out to my wonderful mom who is making this process a little easier. Hope you’ve had a great mothers day!

Also, coming home to these faces makes my day that much better.


Oh, and maybe a glass of wine. Living that life.


Ice Cream, Ice Cream, Ice Cream Paint Job

The other night our parish young adult group ventured out to one of the several wonders of the ville. Where you ask? We went to a magical place that will give anyone’s inner sweet tooth complete satisfaction and a fix like none other. Two words:

Dairy. Kastle.


You want soft serve? You got it. Milkshake? You got it. A Chocolate milkshake with a vanilla sundae on top?! You got it! Well actually I did and it was glorious let me tell you.



 I could go on and on about their sweets collections, but I’ll spare you the mouth water details. You can thank me later. Did I mention they have chili dogs or tacos-in-a-bag? I tried to capture the whole taco-in-a-bag experience for you but those cards where not in my favor. So I’ll give you this. Can’t blame me for trying.   *Taco-in-a-bag is Fritos, taco meat, cheese, salsa, and sour cream.


Enough about food Clare, lets move on.

I hear ya, I hear ya. Check it out though trust me.

After the ice cream social, we visited a fairly large grotto devoted to Our Lady of Lourdes and prayed one of my favorite prayers, the rosary. God’s presence was truly felt and the comfort from Mary’s veil engulfing us in her love and care was like a feeling I can’t fairly put into words. There may have been a ton of distractions, (UofL has some campus apartments near by and someone’s phone started blaring towards the end-that may or may not have been mine, you’ll never know) but its awesome to think of the example we were setting for everyone walking past. It’s okay to be Catholic, its okay to pray, it’s actually pretty cool..
“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20

Ciao for now,