2015 NBA Draft

AKA- Kentucky party!

So the NBA may be growing on me. After all it is going to be half Kentucky players soon, because that’s the Kentucky Effect, y’all! Each player is so special and brought so much to this team this year. I’m sad to see you go, but so excited to see you all tear up the NBA. (Willie-don’t ever change! Do you brother! And Karl, keep being the nicest human being to ever exists.)

Lets start off with the number one overall draft pick: KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS

“Greatness comes at a price” -KAT



*WILLIE TRILL CAULEY-STEIN goes 6th to the Sacramento Kings.
There he will join Demarcus Cousins-unless he gets traded, which kinda looks likely. If not can I go ahead and buy the rights for a reality show? Maybe?

willietrillcauley-stein-0-338x360 *TREY LYLES picked 12th overall by the Utah Jazz


*DEVIN BOOKER picked 13th to the Phoenix Suns!
Where he will join three other former CATS- Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight, and Archie Goodwin.



So Stoked, four of my guys made it in the lottery. Even though it is only nine-thirty, my body says its midnight. And if I plan on getting up tomorrow for swim practice, then its off to bed I go. I’ll be praying for our three guys left (Dakari Johnson, and the Harrison twins) and will report back soon.

*Dancing woman emoji here

*all other happy and celebratory emoji’s here


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