Picking Blueberries

wpid-20150704_083237.jpgSome of you friends may remember my post where I used some frozen blueberries we had picked fresh last year.  Well we picked more this year.  I think Blueberries are my favorite fruit to pick.

A friend of mine and her mother introduced us to Bryant’s Blueberries more years ago than I like to think. When she comes home from wpid-20150704_083255.jpggrad school in the summers we like to take an excursion with our mothers to pick blueberries, and catch up. The first delight for both of us is to listen to our mothers catch up about family, friends, and reminisce about old times. Every year her mother’s delicious buckwheat pancakes with fresh blueberry syrup, seem to come up. We still have fond memories of them from lets say 10 to 15 years ago or so.  Liz and I then chatter on while plucking fruit and filling up our buckets. Somehow Liz always manages to fill hers faster than me. I couldn’t tell you how unless I am more choosy about my berries than she. wpid-img_20150704_082517.jpg Bryant’s has the best blueberries around. Many different varieties, but all delicious.  They put store bought blueberries to shame.

Stick around for some blueberry recipes that I am sure will be coming soon.

If you are near southern Indiana in June or July perhaps we will meet in the blueberry patch.

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