Monthly Archives: August 2015

What have I been doing.

I thought I’d write a quick post on a few things I’ve been doing lately.

Reading for fun: Sense and Sensibility

Other Reading: Three to get Married by Archbishop Fulton J Sheen

Writing: Not at much as I would like, as you can tell.

Cooking: Peach Crumble (I will write a post about it coming up)

Watching: The Republican Debate and the Sound of Music

Going: Shortly to help work a booth at the St. Joseph Orphan’s Picnic

Helping: A friend of mine move

Admiring: these little toes (Babysitting can be fun) expect a post on this one too.


Are you here for the photoshoot? I thought this was a cookout…

Have you ever been invited to a family cookout and walked into a photoshoot? Well a few weeks ago I did just that.

I was invited by a family member to a family cookout. So I come bringing pie and my boyfriend that Sunday after a busy morning at church. Thankfully I hadn’t changed out of my church clothes.

Driving up the long driveway I noticed quite a few cars and thought “Wow there are a lot of people here. We must have a lot of extended family here already.”  I pulled around and walked in the side door of the house and hear an excited, “what are you all doing here? Are you here for the photoshoot?” Me with a stunned look on my face.

…… “the what?” …… thoughts rushing through my head.  Photoshoot, no one said anything about a photoshoot.

I thought we were getting together for a cookout.

My cousin comes in and says people are in my aunts house in the back.  So, let’s go say hi to what i expect to be more family. I walk into a house jam packed full of people I don’t know. Now everyone is staring at me like I’ve walked on stage during the climax scene of a Broadway musical. Stop, stare, silence… what is she doing here?  Once my aunt sees me she introduces me and asks what I’m doing here. She welcomes me and says we are welcome to be part of the photoshoot.

First I walk into my grandparents house unexpected, now my aunts house full of strangers. Okay now to find my grandfather who is hiding somewhere. ( I wish i was too at this point) once I find him we realize that no one knows any of these people except my aunt and no one knows what is going on.  So let’s just hang out. 

Picture taking began and low and behold I was asked to be in a few…  More family arrives and we put the pieces of the puzzle together. The Saltrox company run by members of my family, was putting together a cookbook and such. So there was lots of food and family there and even a family photograph at the end.  

The food cooked on and served on Saltrox blocks is delicious.  So worth the effort.  Do try Saltrox and eat really good food.  Or check out their Facebook page here, and maybe see some shots from the unexpected photoshoot.