What have I been doing.

I thought I’d write a quick post on a few things I’ve been doing lately.

Reading for fun: Sense and Sensibility

Other Reading: Three to get Married by Archbishop Fulton J Sheen

Writing: Not at much as I would like, as you can tell.

Cooking: Peach Crumble (I will write a post about it coming up)

Watching: The Republican Debate and the Sound of Music

Going: Shortly to help work a booth at the St. Joseph Orphan’s Picnic

Helping: A friend of mine move

Admiring: these little toes (Babysitting can be fun) expect a post on this one too.


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About Beth

Hi, I'm Beth. I am Magpie's cousin and although we love each other dearly we many times are like night and day. I have a great many interests, too many to list, so read, watch and find out.

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