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Hi and welcome! Let's just get down to business, shall we? I'm Clare lover of how we met stories, adoration and benediction, University of Kentucky athletics, fashion, food and a good bottle of wine. I'm a part time Crossfiter and that darn motivation and old nagging injuries keep me from going full time. Do you have tips? Good, give em! I'd love to hear from you. Shoot me with any questions, comments, concerns or just to chat. Sit down, buckle up, and get ready for the ride. or blog. Same difference, right? Right. See we are already getting along so well, friend.

I’m still alive


Anyone there?

Hello? Hello?

Well I’m back. My life has basically been:  Sleep, Eat, and Workout. Sleep, workout, Eat, Workout, and sleep. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat, and Repeat.

I’ve decided I am going to do a sprint triathlon in the spring. However, I have to master the art of running. Its slowly getting better, but the thought that I’m going to die 5 minutes into the run still seem to find a home in my mind. It’ll get easier, right? Tell me it’ll get easier!

What’s been going on since my couple week hiatus?

-I spent the weekend in Eastern Kentucky a couple weeks ago. It was a unique experience to say the least. Blog post to come soon. ☺

-My best friend got engaged a couple weeks ago. And my other best friend’s wedding is a little more than month away. So crazy

-US Women’s Soccer team completely demolished Japan to become Word Champions. No Big Deal.

-I’m reading:

Brideshead Revisited

By: Evelyn Waugh

-I’m watching:

Still, Arrested Development

(I have SO much time to do so.)

-I’m wearing:

This dress. I snagged it at a local boutique, but I did my homework and found it online for YOU!

And I swiped up these new kicks, which I love so much.

I’m following:

This blog.

-And I’m wanting:

To learn how to sew!

That’s all I got for today. Keep on keeping on.

2015 NBA Draft

AKA- Kentucky party!

So the NBA may be growing on me. After all it is going to be half Kentucky players soon, because that’s the Kentucky Effect, y’all! Each player is so special and brought so much to this team this year. I’m sad to see you go, but so excited to see you all tear up the NBA. (Willie-don’t ever change! Do you brother! And Karl, keep being the nicest human being to ever exists.)

Lets start off with the number one overall draft pick: KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS

“Greatness comes at a price” -KAT



*WILLIE TRILL CAULEY-STEIN goes 6th to the Sacramento Kings.
There he will join Demarcus Cousins-unless he gets traded, which kinda looks likely. If not can I go ahead and buy the rights for a reality show? Maybe?

willietrillcauley-stein-0-338x360 *TREY LYLES picked 12th overall by the Utah Jazz


*DEVIN BOOKER picked 13th to the Phoenix Suns!
Where he will join three other former CATS- Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight, and Archie Goodwin.



So Stoked, four of my guys made it in the lottery. Even though it is only nine-thirty, my body says its midnight. And if I plan on getting up tomorrow for swim practice, then its off to bed I go. I’ll be praying for our three guys left (Dakari Johnson, and the Harrison twins) and will report back soon.

*Dancing woman emoji here

*all other happy and celebratory emoji’s here


eBay Woes

Unless you are willing to lose about 3 minutes of your life today, I’d just keep scrolling. Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

On we march.

Apparently all the kids these days are using the word “woes”. So I had the curtesy to look up the definition(s) for you myself.




  1. Sorrow or grief; misery..
  2. Misfortune or wretchedness: listened to his tale of woe.
  3. A cause of sorrow or misery; a misfortune: economic and political woes.”

Urban Dictionary:


Basically my squad. Stands for Working On Excellence. The squad you run with everyday should be working on excellence. And that’s why people in Toronto use the word for their team or set.”

Makes sense, right? Now we can get to the point.

My name is Clare and I am an eBay addict.

First step is admitting your problems they say- and right now eBay and I are “woes” in both senses of the word. I love eBay, but man did I just get the worst item ever. I mean look at this:



Buyer beware. Be very careful when buying from a certain country that begins with a C and ends in hina. I’m glad I didn’t spend next to anything (which should have been my first and last clue). I guess my whole thought process was: “Oh it says stainless steel? Oh it’s pretty and I can have the band adjusted for my malnourished wrist. Okay, perfect.”

Yes, I know I could take some of the links out but: LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THE ACTUALLY WATCH FACE.

Anyway, I’m sure know this won’t stop my love affair with you, eBay. I’ll be back tomorrow. It’s not you, it’s me.

But I will stop with my rants and you can have your life back. You’re welcome.

Couple more for the road:


Sunday Fun Day





{Chambray top- similar}
{Eyelet dress- exact}
{Floral necklace- similar}
{Shoe- exact}

While getting ready for mass this morning I came up with a brilliant idea. What is that you ask? Drum roll, please:

Denim in ninety degree weather!!

I didn’t want to stroll into mass sleeveless and I was tired of cardigan-so there is my rational thought. I tried to make it look more summery with the necklace and shoes.

I swear the dress ends at my knees. I know its hard to tell. BRB while I go call my cousin Casper.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

XOXO Clare

Weekend Links

kenneypadre pio 1rosiethe-girl-on-the-train-coverarrested_developmentvines-canineswhite lace hemblue dresspink dress

{one} {two}
{three} {four} {five}
{six} {seven} {eight} {nine}

  1. When it comes to music I can listen to the same song over, and over, and over again… and I usually do. Its’ a beaming quality of mine that drives absolutely NO ONE crazy. I can vouch for them, they’ve told me. So we are ALL currently in love Wild Child by Kenny Chesney ft. Grace Potter. Obsessed might be a better word. I know my family LOVES a good country song. So I’m sure they are  super thrilled with my selection. I always aim to please, y’all.
  2. I am finishing up reading this book on Padre Pio. I love, love, love Padre Pio. So this book is right up my alley. I highly recommend to you all.
  3. Also, I’m finishing up The Rosie Project. Its a cute book and if you are looking for a quick pick up/easy to put down romantic comedy, then I suggest it.
  4. I have heard a ton of good things about The Girl on the Train and I really want to give it a shot. I just haven’t had a chance to pick it up. I heard its similar to Gone Girlwhich left me confused, angry, shocked and kind of like W.T.H. and I want to throw this book across the room. So any book that can get me that weirdly emotional intrigues me.
  5. Vines and Canines-I think I may become a regular- if they will let me. Its such a hip, cute, low key kind of place. They even have bourbon for you none wine drinkers. I love the idea of being able to bring your dog(s) and having a glass of wine. It be SO FUN to bring my two pups with me. They are both so well behaved and trained. It would be glorious. {{Maybe I’ll be brave and bring the puppy. Maybe.}}
  6. I’m re-watching Arrested Development. I think its hilarious and its okay if you disagree with me. Its not for everyone. But sooo funny.
  7. I love this top. I think its perfect for summer and FREE SHIPPING. I think I may just go ahead, bite the bullet and put it in the closet. Free returns too. *insert all celebration emoji’s*
  8. Same with the dress, perfect for summer. Just add a little cardigan and you’re all set for work. I’m a little worried about the length and it being too short- but free returns, y’all.
  9. I really like this skirt, but I don’t love it for that price. So once it goes on further clearance {maybe, possibly} I might get it. It’d be cute for work.

Alright that’s all I got for now. You can thank me later for that educational post.

You are so welcome.

Peace, y’all.

Coincidence? Or Crazy?

Gospel: Matthew 10:7-13 (for 6/11/15)

“And preach as you go, saying, `The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You received without paying, give without pay. Take no gold, nor silver, nor copper in your belts, no bag for your journey, nor two tunics, nor sandals, nor a staff; for the laborer deserves his food. And whatever town or village you enter, find out who is worthy in it, and stay with him until you depart. As you enter the house, salute it. And if the house is worthy, let your peace come upon it; but if it is not worthy, let your peace return to you.”

Lord, should I take this as a hint??

Call me cra-zay. Just go ahead and do it. I can take it.

I think everyone has at least one time or another felt like they don’t belong. Whether it be temporally in a certain situation, or it’s an overwhelming feeling you just can’t run from.

I’ve been stuck in this boat for a while now. A few of my really good friends are getting married and as life changes for them I slowly creep and find my new place, which is totally fine. We are all growing up and it’s a part of life.  I just keep having this nagging feeling like there’s something more for me… Elsewhere.

This is where the crazy comes in- I kind of want to go and explore this feeling. Uprooting everything and everyone I know and love and moving to this foreign land where I know no one, and have nothing.  Now, now, don’t start giving me the whole “grass is always greener” speech. I’ve heard it many of time and I’ve experienced its truths. But, (there’s always a but) what if this is what Gods calling me to do? Or what if this is just one of my crazy on a whim ideas.

Believe me- I’ve made this threat many of times. “Oh this place is just perfect! I’m coming back and moving here as soon as I can.” (While everyone echoes: “fat chance, kiddo”.) And their points are completely valid. I’d have no job, not much money, no place to live and the list goes on and on. Wait for it… BUT all those are fixable.

Just the thought alone is terrifying, thrilling and completely insane. Or is it? Is this really a good idea? Is this a rational thought? Would I be able to make ends meet 500 miles away from everything I know? Is this what Gods calling me to do? Or is it just one of my fantasies?


I have a number of ideas that could keep me here in Louisville, but that’s just it- they are ideas. The friendships are dwindling just as quickly as they came. While others are still intact and there is always a possible for more, I just can’t escape the feeling like “now is your time, do it while you’re young!”

I was speaking to a priest last night and asked him the “what brought you to Louisville” story. His answer? So simple, so beautiful: God. “God brought me to Louisville.” He said. Of course he had quite a dramatic story and at the end asked different places three questions/request and Louisville was the only place to say yes to all three, while everywhere else said no to all three. It was obvious where God wanted him.

Why can’t my answer be that obvious?! Maybe my questions to God aren’t that solid and I’m not that sure of His plan for me. I guess what it boils down to is just keep on praying. Totally surrendering to Gods will, begging him to let me know.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. I’m so good with those patient moments, Lord.



Please enlighten me with your thoughts and comments. I’d love for you to share them.

Also, if you have ever loved me or currently do and never/don’t had/have the guts to tell me, now is your chance! Before I get away.


Until we meet again.

Strawberry Wine

My heart is drenched in wine.
You’ll be on my mind

IMG_0690 IMG_0710


When you think Kentucky you probably think basketball, bourbon, and horses. You can’t be blamed, there are stereotypes for a reason. I’m here to tell you we do wear our shoes and most of us have all our teeth. I can’t speak for everybody though. Are these stereotypes still a thing? And why bball is one of my favorite topics of conversation and true love of mine, I won’t be talking about it today. I’ll let you hang out in suspension and breathlessly wait until basketball season starts. Then it will be non stop. Especially on twitter (@kywildcats569). But I bet if you begged nicely your wish just may be my command. Maybe. (We are bringing home number 9 this year. I’m calling it now. Put the possum in the bag. Its done.)

Anyway, on we fight.

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good ol’ bottle of wine, so the woman who lets me call her mom and I drove down to Louisville’s only urban winery: Old 502 Winery. I believe they are associated with or even owned by Falls City Brewery.

IMG_2629 IMG_2635 IMG_2637    IMG_2630

We were able to try six out of the seven wines, most all the ones I didn’t like were sweet wines, except one that was aged in a bourbon barrel for forty something days. It was awful, but if you dig bourbon you’d probably like it

{{{High fives to my gals and gents who also hate rubbing alcohol that you can consume. Bourbon is only good in chocolate candy forms- if you catch my drift. I’m also pretty sure the bartender was judging my selfies/photo shoot pretty hard, but hey, what can I say? Just trying to snap a few photos for y’all. No public shame here. None whatsoever.}}}


I like my wine dry, dry, dry- so the tootsie roll flavored was not for me. I let the madre finish that one. After the tasting we went shopping, but I’ll leave that for another post. Errybody get excited.

I can feel your excitement.


Oh also, future hubby- if you’re reading this post future Clare would really love it if you could possibly make me this. I’m not high maintenance . At all. Thanks in advance.

Until we meet again, friends.

XoXo Clare