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Hump Day Views

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Ha! That’ll last long. The internet and I had yet another date today. Shocker, I know. Anyway, I just wanted to run over a few quick things I found and love, or need advice on and just random things I know that you’ve probably have know for 5236725541 years.

1) Happy Feast of Our Lady of Fatima!


2) I found a new love story that I adore. You can find that here. Her blog is awesome too. I will definitely add it to the blog roll once I figure that sucker out. Plus she has written her engagement story too- double bonus. You can also find that here.  Dedicate some time to read them both if you haven’t already. I think I read all the ones that are liked up to Graces how we met story. I’m sure you have already too and I’m just late to the scene, but hey- I’m relatively new to the blogging world so one step at a time. Bare with me.

3) I’m thinking about trying this dry shampoo. I’m in the market for something new because the CVS brand just isn’t cutting it anymore. (My apologies, CVS.) It has pretty good reviews and I found it at Walmart for $4.74. So me and my little rental car will make the trek over there to save a few bucks. Like they say “A penny saved is a penny earned.” My mantra in life – I’ll be in the corner until you stop laughing. Thanks.

4) I’m sure you’ve know this F-O-R-E-V-E-R but wiping your nails off with rubbing alcohol before you paint them will make the nail polish last longer. Its the best life hack that I’ve found recentlyish. I know I maybe a little slow to the process but there are others!! I hope. I’m digging this color and have been wearing it non stop, partially because it lasts longer with the alcohol tip. Consider yourself amused.

5) My little rental car and myself have been getting along pretty well, in case you were stressing about it. I’m always thinking of you. Promise. Anyway, we’re a thing now and considering packing a few folks in this little clown car and making a quick road trip to the Cincinnati area. I have one word for that: LESSSGOOOO.

That’s all for now.