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Lessons Learned, Lessons Lived

“Patients is a virtue.” No. No, its not. At least not to me. I’ve struggled with it since the first day I heard “happy birthday, Clare!”

God, you listening? My patients is worn thin. You can stop with the opportunities to strengthen the virtue. I think we’ve both determined its not my strong suit.

So that brings us to today. Me, being the sweet and loveable daughter that I always am, was all like “Hey mom, pick some place and we can go to lunch.” Perfect plan. Ten dollar bottomless mimosas? Sayyy whattt? I’m down. Lets go. We get there and had a wonderful lunch. Since I was the chauffer for the day declined the bottomless mimosas. You call me crazy? I call it providence.

Which brings us to this beauty. Wait. WHAT.

car wreck 2015

My car! That I’ve only had a year. A YEAR. So many questions. What, when, why?! Luckily this wonder woman from a restaurant nearby saw a lady in a F-150 back into my car and drive away. You read that right. SHE DROVE AWAY. No note, no number, just a broken car in need of some serious repair and a young woman on the verge of tears. Queue a quick phone call to the po-lice and insurance company and still no answers. Just a special shout out to the sweet soul that told me and the dude that helped pull the rest of the bumper off. Thank you. Thumbs up to y’all.

car wreck 2 2015 IMG_2492

I think God is trying to help me look at the finer things in life. Thanks for the lesson. I hear ya. Thank you lady in the blue truck. You win today. But next time can you be a little bit more considerate and tell a soul what you did? No worries though. We’re cool. Thanks for helping me with my patients and trying to get to heaven.

Shout out to my wonderful mom who is making this process a little easier. Hope you’ve had a great mothers day!

Also, coming home to these faces makes my day that much better.


Oh, and maybe a glass of wine. Living that life.