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Solemn High


Today, we were very happy to welcome back Fr. Stone to one of our local parishes.  He is newly ordained and came back to celebrate a Solemn High Mass of Thanksgiving in the Extraordinary Form. It was a very beautiful mass. Check out the pictures.

IMG_5174  IMG_5183    

I love that in the Catholic Faith we are blessed with the Extraordinary Form and the Ordinary Form of the mass. Not even mentioning the many different rites of the Catholic Church. The Extraordinary Form is very beautiful and there are many traditions that are kept alive within and through it.

IMG_5166  IMG_5217

If you get a chance you should attend it sometime.  It may seem foreign at first, but let yourself be swept away by God’s embrace.  Experience the centuries of tradition and meaning handed down by the Apostles in it’s purest form. Pray and listen to God’s voice in the times of silence.


This is only a glimpse of the many beauties held within the liturgy but I hope you enjoy.


Congratulations to Fr. Stone.

P.S. It is awesome to receive some of the first blessings of a newly ordained priest.